Advantages of Partition by Appraisal: Why It May Be the Right Choice

Advantages of Partition by Appraisal: Why It May Be the Right Choice

Advantages of Partition by Appraisal: Why It May Be the Right Choice

When co-owners of real property find themselves in a situation where they need to dissolve their shared ownership, they often face challenging decisions on how to divide the property fairly. One increasingly popular method for achieving this division is “partition by appraisal.” In this blog post, Real Estate Law Corporation explores the advantages of partition by appraisal and why it might be the right choice for co-owners looking to navigate property disputes efficiently and fairly.

1. Fair and Impartial Valuation

One of the primary advantages of partition by appraisal is its inherent fairness. The process begins by selecting an independent, licensed appraiser to determine the property’s fair market value. This appraisal is conducted without bias, ensuring that all co-owners receive an impartial valuation of their interests. It eliminates the potential for disputes over property value and provides an equitable starting point for the division.

2. Cost-Effective Resolution

Compared to other methods of property division, such as selling the property and dividing the proceeds or going through lengthy court proceedings, partition by appraisal can be a cost-effective solution. It eliminates the need for real estate agent commissions and legal fees associated with a sale. Co-owners can save time and money by opting for this streamlined approach.

3. Faster Resolution

Traditional legal proceedings to partition property can be time-consuming and emotionally draining. In contrast, partition by appraisal typically offers a faster resolution. Once the appraisal is completed and the co-owners agree on the division, the process can move swiftly. This speed can be particularly beneficial when co-owners are eager to move forward and sever their shared ownership.

4. Control Over the Process

Partition by appraisal gives co-owners more control over the division process. They have the autonomy to select the appraiser, agree on the method of division, and work together to reach a consensus. This collaborative approach can lead to more amicable resolutions, reducing the potential for acrimony and preserving relationships among co-owners.

5. Flexibility in Division

Another advantage of partition by appraisal is the flexibility it offers in dividing property interests. Co-owners can choose various methods, including selling their shares to one another, maintaining fractional ownership, or negotiating other arrangements based on the appraisal results. This flexibility allows co-owners to tailor the division to their specific needs and preferences.


Partition by appraisal is a valuable alternative for co-owners seeking a fair, efficient, and cost-effective resolution to their property disputes. It offers an objective valuation, cost savings, and control over the process, resulting in faster and more amicable resolutions. If you’re facing property ownership issues, Real Estate Law Corporation can provide expert guidance on whether partition by appraisal is the right choice for your situation. Our experienced real estate attorneys are dedicated to helping co-owners navigate the process smoothly and ensuring that their rights and interests are protected throughout. By choosing the advantages of partition by appraisal, co-owners can move forward with clarity and confidence in their property division.

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