Office Properties

Office Properties

The experienced attorneys at Real Estate Law Corporation have a wealth of experience in representing clients in a wide range of office property transactions throughout California. Our knowledgeable attorneys have successfully handled numerous real estate transactions involving the acquisition and disposition of various types of office properties, such as:

  • Office Buildings
  • Owner User Office Buildings
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Office Parks

Office Buildings

We have extensive expertise in representing clients in the purchase and sale of office buildings, ranging from single tenant office buildings to large multi-building office parks. Our attorneys understand the unique legal considerations involved in these transactions, such as lease agreements, zoning regulations, compliance with building codes, and due diligence. Whether you are a buyer or seller of office buildings, we provide comprehensive legal support, from negotiation to closing, to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

Owner User Office Buildings

Our firm has particular expertise in representing clients in the purchase and sale of owner user office buildings. These are properties where the buyer intends to occupy a substantial portion of the building for their own business operations. Often, such a transaction involves utilizing an owner user loan, such as a Small Business Administration loan. Our firm routinely advises clients on real estate financing and purchase agreement terms related to financing. We understand the specific needs and considerations of owner users, including zoning requirements, space planning, financing options, and leaseback agreements if there are existing tenants. Our attorneys provide tailored legal advice and representation to help clients acquire or sell owner user office buildings that align with their business goals.

Medical Office Buildings

Representing clients in the purchase and sale of medical office buildings is another area of our specialization. These properties require a thorough understanding of healthcare regulations, leasing arrangements with medical practitioners, compliance with healthcare privacy laws (HIPAA), and the unique operational and infrastructure needs of medical facilities. Our attorneys have the expertise to navigate these complexities, ensuring that our clients’ interests are protected in medical office building transactions.

Office Parks

We also have significant experience in representing clients in the purchase and sale of office parks. Office parks consist of multiple office buildings situated within a planned development or campus-like setting. These transactions involve considerations such as common area maintenance (CAM) agreements, shared amenities, tenant mix, and the management of the park by a property owners’ association. Our attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of the legal and operational aspects of office park transactions and provide strategic guidance to our clients throughout the process.

Leading the Way in Office Property Transactions

With our extensive experience in office property transactions, we offer strategic guidance, meticulous attention to detail, and unmatched legal expertise to help our clients achieve their real estate objectives.

Due Diligence Considerations when purchasing Office Properties

The following is a list of some due diligence considerations when purchasing office properties in California:

Legal Due Diligence

During the purchase of an office building, it is crucial to conduct comprehensive legal due diligence. This involves reviewing and analyzing various legal documents and contracts, such as:

  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Lease agreements with tenants
  • Title documents and property surveys
  • Zoning and land-use regulations
  • Environmental assessments and permits
  • Property tax records and assessments
  • Litigation history related to the property

Financial Due Diligence:

Evaluating the financial aspects of an office building is essential for making an informed investment decision. Key areas of financial due diligence include:

  • Financial statements and tax returns of the property
  • Rent rolls and lease terms with tenants
  • Operating expenses, including utilities, maintenance, and insurance
  • Outstanding loans, mortgages, or liens on the property
  • Cash flow analysis and projections
  • Assessment of potential revenue streams and income stability

Physical Due Diligence:

A comprehensive inspection of the physical condition of the office building is vital to identify potential structural, mechanical, or maintenance issues.

  • Building inspections and assessments by qualified professionals
  • Analysis of the building’s structural integrity, electrical systems, plumbing, and HVAC
  • Evaluation of maintenance and repair history
  • Review of warranties and guarantees related to building components
  • Compliance with building codes and regulations
  • Proper physical due diligence helps determine the current condition of the property, estimate future repair or maintenance costs, and assess any potential risks or deficiencies.

Tenant Due Diligence:

For office buildings with existing tenants, tenant due diligence plays a significant role in evaluating the property’s income stability and lease terms. This may involve:

  • Reviewing lease agreements, including rental rates, lease duration, and renewal options
  • Analyzing tenant financials and creditworthiness
  • Assessing tenant satisfaction and retention rates
  • Verifying compliance with lease obligations and payment history
  • Thorough tenant due diligence provides insights into the strength of the existing tenant base, potential lease risks, and opportunities for lease renegotiations or improvements.

Market Due Diligence

Understanding the market dynamics surrounding the office building is crucial for assessing its investment potential. Market due diligence involves:

  • Analyzing local market trends, vacancy rates, and rental rates for similar office properties
  • Evaluating supply and demand factors in the area
  • Assessing the property’s location, proximity to amenities, transportation, and future development plans
  • Examining the competitive landscape and market outlook
  • A comprehensive market due diligence helps evaluate the property’s competitive positioning, potential for appreciation, and long-term market viability.

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