Protecting Your Interests in Co-Owned Real Estate: The Role of Business and Real Estate Law in Partition Actions

Protecting Your Interests in Co-Owned Real Estate: The Role of Business and Real Estate Law in Partition Actions

Protecting Your Interests in Co-Owned Real Estate: The Role of Business and Real Estate Law in Partition Actions


Co-owning real estate can be a beneficial arrangement, whether it’s among family members, business partners, or investors. However, situations may arise where co-owners have differing opinions on how the property should be used or managed, leading to conflicts that can hinder the property’s potential. In such cases, a legal remedy known as a “partition action” can be employed to resolve disputes and ensure the fair division of property interests. This article, presented by Real Estate Law Corporation, will delve into the concept of partition actions, their significance in real estate law, and how engaging with skilled attorneys can protect your interests in co-owned real estate.

Understanding Partition Actions

What Are Partition Actions?
Partition actions are legal proceedings that allow co-owners of real property, such as land or buildings, to sever their ownership interests and divide the property among themselves. This process can involve physically dividing the property or selling it and distributing the proceeds among the co-owners. Partition actions are particularly relevant when co-owners can’t agree on the use, management, or disposition of the property, leading to deadlock and disputes.

Types of Partition Actions
There are two main types of partition actions: partition by sale and partition in kind.

Partition by Sale: In this scenario, the property is sold, and the proceeds are divided among the co-owners based on their ownership percentages. This option is often chosen when physically dividing the property isn’t feasible or equitable.

Partition in Kind: Also known as actual partition, this option involves dividing the property into distinct portions, each assigned to a co-owner. Each co-owner then has control over their portion of the property, which could be a specific part of the land or a particular unit in a building.

The Role of Business and Real Estate Law

Legal Framework and Procedure
Partition actions are guided by state laws, and the procedure can vary based on jurisdiction. This is where the expertise of business and real estate law firms like Real Estate Law Corporation becomes crucial. Attorneys well-versed in property law can provide a comprehensive understanding of the relevant statutes, procedural requirements, and deadlines that pertain to partition actions in your specific jurisdiction.

Protecting Your Interests
Engaging with experienced attorneys is essential for ensuring that your rights and interests are protected throughout the partition action process. Attorneys can advocate on your behalf, negotiating with other co-owners to achieve the most favorable outcome for you. They can also help prevent unnecessary delays and ensure that all necessary legal documents are filed accurately and on time.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
In some cases, pursuing partition through litigation might not be the most efficient route. Skilled attorneys can explore alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation or arbitration, which can lead to a quicker and less adversarial resolution. These methods can be particularly beneficial when maintaining a positive ongoing relationship with co-owners is desirable, such as in family-owned properties or business partnerships.

Minimizing Financial Losses
Legal disputes, including partition actions, can incur substantial costs. However, having knowledgeable attorneys by your side can help minimize these costs by efficiently navigating the legal process, avoiding unnecessary litigation, and ensuring that your interests are protected without undue financial burden.


When co-owned real estate becomes a source of conflict, partition actions offer a legal recourse to resolve disputes and ensure a fair distribution of property interests. Whether it’s the sale of the property or a division of the land itself, partition actions require a thorough understanding of property law, procedural intricacies, and negotiation skills. Real Estate Law Corporation specializes in providing expert legal guidance to protect your interests and facilitate the smooth resolution of partition disputes. By leveraging the expertise of skilled attorneys, you can navigate the complex world of partition actions with confidence, ensuring that your investments and property rights are safeguarded.

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