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Our experienced attorneys specialize in all aspects of real estate law in Los Angeles, including purchase and sale, commercial leasing, property management, and real estate litigation. We provide expert legal counsel to help you navigate complex real estate transactions and disputes in the Los Angeles area.

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Real Estate Law Firm

Shawn Dhillon, Esq Sacramento Real Estate Attorney
Managing Partner

Shawn Dhillon is an experienced real estate and business law attorney and the Managing Partner of RELC. Shawn specializes in both real estate litigation and real estate transactional matters.

Kiran Dhillon, Esq

Kiran Dhillon specializes in transactional legal matters counseling individual clients, small business owners and large corporations on real estate, estate planning, and business transactions.

Tony-Smernes, Jr Esq
Of Counsel

Tony Smernes is a highly experienced attorney with decades of legal experience in civil litigation, criminal law, real estate law, real estate development and business law.

Senior Attorney

Jonathan Sanders offers full-service representation, with extensive experience both as an advisor and as a litigator in the areas of real estate and business law.

Of Counsel

Frantz Farreau is a real estate attorney,  broker and law school professor. He primarily focuses on real estate landlord/tenant matters, purchases and sales, and title issues.

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Experienced Los Angeles Real Estate Attorneys

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Real Estate Financing
Real Estate Financing
Property Management
Easements And Restrictions
Landlord-Tenant Law
Development And Construction
Real Estate Litigation, Mediation and Arbitration

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Real Estate Purchase and Sale

Navigate the complexities of real estate transactions in Los Angeles with our seasoned advisors. We handle drafting and negotiation of purchase and sale agreements, due diligence, title and environmental issues, and facilitation of financing and escrow processes. Our expertise covers sales, acquisitions, and exchanges of various property types, including land, office, residential, retail, hotel, industrial, and mixed-use properties in Los Angeles.

Commercial Leasing in Los Angeles

We represent tenants, landlords, and property managers in all types of leases in Los Angeles, including retail, office, shopping center, mall, industrial, warehouse, medical office, and ground leases. Our services include drafting and negotiating leases, letters of intent, tenant improvement work letters, estoppels, subordination agreements, lease amendments, assignments, and subleases in Los Angeles.

Development And Construction

Our legal services for development and construction projects in Los Angeles include negotiating, documenting, amending, and enforcing contracts between owners, architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. We ensure your development projects in Los Angeles are legally sound from start to finish.

Real Estate Financing

We represent both borrowers and lenders in various financing arrangements in Los Angeles, such as property acquisition loans, construction and development loans, take-out and permanent financing, and seller carry-back loans. Our services include drafting loan agreements, promissory notes, deeds of trust, security agreements, guaranties, and collateral assignments in Los Angeles.

Our services include negotiation and drafting of loan documents, including the preparation of loan agreements, promissory notes, deeds of trust, security agreements, guaranties, collateral assignments of leases, title review and analysis, and other due diligence matters relating to lending transactions. We also represent borrowers and lenders in loan work-outs, restructuring, and loan extensions and modifications.

Property Management

We assist property owners and management companies in Los Angeles with the legal aspects of property management, including drafting management agreements, interpreting and enforcing leases, handling tenant restoration obligations, CAM reconciliations, and unlawful detainer actions.

We are a trusted resource to property management companies for simple to complex day-to-day leasing and property management issues. We have extensive experience drafting, enforcing, and litigating provisions in all types of commercial leases, including the commonly used versions of the AIR CRE Commercial Leases.

Easements And Restrictions

We represent landowners and other interested parties in granting rights in and placing restrictions upon real property. Our services include the preparation and recording of covenants, conditions and restrictions upon vacant land, commercial and residential subdivisions, shopping centers, and office buildings. We also draft and negotiate easements and licenses to be conveyed to adjacent landowners and other interested parties, including reciprocal easement agreements between adjoining property owners, right of access agreements, and the grant of utility easements.

Our attorneys prepare and record covenants, conditions, and restrictions in Los Angeles, and draft and negotiate easements and licenses. We work on reciprocal easement agreements, right of access agreements, and utility easements to ensure your property rights and restrictions are clearly defined and enforceable in Los Angeles.

Landlord-Tenant Law

We represent major commercial landlords, developers, and tenants in all areas of landlord-tenant law in Los Angeles. Our expertise includes handling disputes over rent payments, property maintenance, ancillary services, subleasing, CAM reconciliation, restoration obligations, and lease termination in Los Angeles.

We are experienced in handling disputes concerning breaches of covenants to pay rent, to keep the property free of liens, to repair and maintain, to provide ancillary services, to sublease and assign, CAM reconciliation disputes, restoration obligations, and to surrender at the end of the term, among others.

Real Estate Litigation, Mediation And Arbitration

Our firm handles a wide range of real estate litigation in Los Angeles, California. We represent clients in real estate related litigation, including contractual disputes, failure to pay rent, failure to disclose, rescission and specific performance, condemnation actions, partitions, foreclosures, receiverships, evictions, construction defects, broker commission dispute claims, breach of fiduciary duty claims, quiet title actions, damage actions involving title issues, public and private nuisance, trespass, among others. We are experienced real estate attorneys that handle mediations, arbitrations, bench trials and jury trials, if needed.



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